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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a LONG TERM contract?     No, you only pay for as long as you need your storage space.  The lease is from month to month - just let us know you are not staying another month and that's it.

How big a storage space do I need? There is no set rule but here is a general guide:

  • 5×5  ' the contents of a large closet

  • 5×10 ' 1 bedroom

  • 10×10 ' 1 to 2 bedroom apartment or small office space

  • 10×15 ' 2 to 3 rooms

  • 10×20 ' 3 bedroom home

10×30 ' large house or office

How much will the storage space cost?      Please look under our "Pricing" tab for all our current prices.  

When can I get into my storage space?     We have lots of lights and cameras everywhere.    Our gated facility does not even close the gate, and if we ever did, everyone has a code to get in 24x7.

Are my belongings secure?     Let's face it, even with all of our cameras, somebody can sneak around and cut a lock. But we'll probably have them on camera along with their car and license plate when they entered the property. There are a lot easier pickings than to go after our customers. BUT, we do recommend that you make sure your property is insured.

Who can get into my storage space? You use your own lock.  You can use your own lock or if you don't have one, you can buy one of ours, and we don't keep a key.   If you want someone to get into your storage space, you can give them a key and its alright with us.  Otherwise, only you have access to your stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell moving and packing supplies?     Home Depot sells those things cheaper than we could, so, no, we don't sell supplies.

Is my property insured while it is stored at Full Basement Self Storage?      Just like your personal belonging that you have in a rented apartment, your property is not automatically insured ' so the answer is:  No. You must insure your property as you would insure your property in the apartment.   We may offer renter's insurance but you don't have to purchase insurance from us.   Just as in renting an apartment, if the apartment building burns down, the owner has insurance to replace the building BUT the owner's insurance does not cover your property.   Renter's insurance for the property you store with us can easily be added to your homeowner's insurance policy for little cost.   We strongly recommend that you insure your property stored with us.

It is mandatory that you insure your property if the value of the property stored exceeds $5,000.

What types of items are not allowed in my storage unit?   Use common sense and you are probably OK.  Of course, explosives and anything flammable, odorous, noxious, corrosive, hazardous or polluting can't be stored.  Nothing illegal.  No food stuff unless it is in a can or jar ' we don't want to attract little varmints and insects.   And this is important:  don't store anything that can't be replaced like important papers and family heirlooms.  THAT IS IMPORTANT. Your lease will specifically state that you won't store these types of items because we do not want to be responsible in any way for the loss of your cherished things. Your important and cherished things need to be stored where you live.  There are specialty storage places where you can store these sort of items and they are very expensive and for that very reason.  That is why we do not allow you to store items that can't be replaced.  We don't allow storing property in excess of $5,000 without notifying us and providing proof of insurance for the amount being stored.

Can I store my car, boat, or RV?    Yes but special paperwork is required and the cost will be determined by how often the vehicle is moved in and out and its size.

How high are the ceilings?  Wow! I'm so happy you asked that question We have two special buildings with 11 high ceilings and they are are great for those special applications.

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