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Rent Storage - Dahlonega Location

50 Square Feet; 5x10 . (5.0x10.0x8.0)

Small 5x10 with furniture 2

Small Storage Unit.
Approx. 1 bedroom Apartment Contents

$50 / month

Waiting List

100 Square Feet; 10x10 (10.0x10.0x8.0)

Small 10x10 with furniture

Medium Storage Unit
Approx. 2 bedroom apartment contents.

$70 / month

200 Square Feet; 10x20 (10.0x20.0x8.0)

Small 10x20 with furniture

Large Storage Unit
Approx. 3 bedroom apartment contents.
(same size as 1 car garage)

$100 / month

Oversized 10x20 (10.0x20.0x8.0)

Small unit type

Oversized unit. Call Owner Cellphone for details before renting 404-735-3135

$110 / month

Waiting List