Storage Ideas

Published on 7/7/2016

Storage Ideas

1.  Remember, we are just like your garage.  Protect your belongings from humidity and dust.

2.  Cover your furniture with plastic covers – use matress covers for bedding.

3.  Even if you don’t need to get into your space, check on it frequently.

4.  Loading your Space:

  • If you know there are items you will be frequently taking things out of your space, put these items near the front.
  • Consider a larger space so you can leave an isle down the center.
  • Put large items such as refrigerators, washer/dryers, and entertainment cabinets in first.  Then put boxes on the top – light boxes, of course.

5.  Pack boxes full so they don’t collaps when you stack them.

6.  Avoid putting cardboard boxes on the concrete floor.  When hunidity is high, the ground cold, and the air warm, the cardboard will “wick” moisture from the concrete slab.  Over time this will deterioate the box floor and walls.  Stack cardboard boxes on things like plastic boxes, furniture, appliances, etc.

7.  Put clothing in plastic bags or tubs.

8.  Always store matresses in matress bags to protect them from humidity.

9.  Plan ahead. Keep your frequently used items at the front of your unit where you can get at them easily.

10. DO NOT STORE FOOD other than sealed cans and jars.  A box of cereal is just an invitation for insects – they WILL get in there!

11.  Keep notes:  As you pack your SPACE, keep notes of where items are stored.

12.  Cover up.  Protect your furniture, including mattresses and box springs, with covers designed for the item.

13.  Think vertical. Make best use of your storage area by stacking, put heaviest items on the bottom and lightest items on top.

14.  Optimize your space. Break down any furniture that has removable legs, leaves or other parts. Stack chairs seat-to-seat with towels or blankets between them.

15.  REFRIGERATOR:  Clean the refrigerator thoroughly before storing.  THEN, use it to store more items. Keep the refrigerator door open slightly to allow for air circulation.

16.  The washing machine is a great place to store water hoses.

17.  Leave a little space between the walls of your unit and your stored items to allow for ventilation.

18.  Shovels, hoes, rakes and hoses can be stored together in empty trash cans.

19.  Stack extra trash cans inside one another.

20.  GAS – from LAWN MOWERS and other gas equipment should be removed before storing.

21.  Gas cans should be emptied before stored. “Where OH Where do I put the gas?”  How about your car?